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Crafted by Pet Parents, for Pet Parents: Navigating Loss Together

“Remember me with tears and laughter. Remember me though it hurts to do so, because the pain you have is equal to the love we shared. There is no goodbye if you carry me in your heart. Remember all the joy we shared, because there was so much of it for both of us.”

- Herbie Longfellow Alderdice

With Love Gilbert was created by pet parents who have also walked this path of grief and loss. We intimately understand the profound bond you had with your furry or feathered companion and the pain that accompanies their departure.


Our community is thoughtfully designed to offer a secure and empathetic haven, crafted by pet parents who have been through the same, to guide you through your own grief journey.

Our Mission

About Me
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Our Resources

Discover effective strategies for coping with the profound grief of pet loss.

Find guidance and support for navigating the challenges of terminal illness.

Learn how to engage in compassionate conversations with those who need it most.

Honor your beloved pet's memory by submitting a heartfelt memorial.

Access and download grief resources, including a free grief journal.

Our Blog

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