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Happy 2nd Heavenly Birthday, Gilbert!

Today, we gather to celebrate what would have been Gilbert's second birthday. Though he passed away from cancer two months ago, his memory remains close to our hearts. We imagine him now, playing in Heaven. We want to honor the joy he brought to our lives and the special bond we shared.

Gilbert loved chasing flies, and it always made us laugh. He was a bundle of energy and could outsmart those buzzing pests.

Gilbert and his brother had a special relationship filled with love and playfulness. They'd chase each other around the house, giving us lots of joy.

One of Gilbert's favorite spots was his cozy cat hut. It was his safe, quiet place where he could rest. We'd often find him there, curled up and content.

Gilbert's big yawns and stretches were adorable. It was like he was reminding us to take life slow and enjoy each moment.

Gilbert was a loyal companion. He'd be there when we worked, slept, or watched TV. His presence brought us comfort and happiness.

We remember Gilbert on what would have been his second birthday. We're sad he's not with us, but grateful for the love he gave us. Though he's not here in person, his spirit lives on in our hearts.

Happy 2nd Birthday, dear Gilbert. We hope you're having a wonderful time, chasing flies and resting in cozy cat huts. We miss and love you always.

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