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Coping with Holiday Grief

Losing Gilbert this year hit hard, especially with only one Christmas together. I find myself tearing up almost every day, and the holidays make it tougher. The memories of our time together are both comforting and painful.

Trying to make sense of it all, I've realized that finding a new way to celebrate is a slow process. I cry, and that's okay. Our one Christmas is etched in my heart, and the decorations trigger a mix of emotions.

To make the holidays bearable, I've started a simple tradition: a candle for Gilbert. 🕯️It helps me feel connected. Also, sharing stories with others who get it, whether friends or support groups, has been surprisingly comforting.

This holiday season, it's about embracing the pain, cherishing memories, and slowly finding new meaning in the midst of loss. It's not easy, but each tear is a tribute to the love we shared. Gilbert may be gone, but the love remains, lighting the way through these tough days. 💖🌈

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